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Filter Media (Paper & Cloth)

Filtration Unlimited, Inc.BBA Filtration - A Complete Range Of Media And Constructions

BBA supplies a broad range of filtration products - spunbonded, dry laid, SM, SMS, flash spun, felts, wovens, coated products and composites - for original specifications or modified designs. Their experience and product knowledge enable them to quickly understand your application and provide timely filtration solutions.

BBA maintains a massive inventory of roll media for quick shipment in every market served. They offer the complete spectrum - from light nonwovens to very heavy felts, specialized laminates, composites, special chemical finishes that improve filter media longevity, as well as cowindings of two or three fabric layers - everything that's needed from stock.

Engineered roll media are precision slit in widths from 1/2" through 130", cut to nearly any length to satisfy virtually any air or liquid filtration application. All such media sizing is to precise tolerances, down to +/- 1/16". They offer the customer an isolated site for "clean room type" slitting to improve sanitation and cleanliness.

Specialized design dies can be manufactured for stamping, cutting, shaping or other precision die-cutting operations for filter media.