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Compressor After-Market Filters

Filtration Unlimited, Inc.

Heavy duty air and coalescing filters
Air Maze offers a wide range of air and coalescing filters for use in industrial, off highway and compressor applications. Each product line meets specific contamination requirements. Many standard products can be modified to meet exact OEM requirements



Filtration Unlimited, Inc.

Air/Oil Separators
Designed specifically for the rotary screw and refrigeration compressors, these filters offer the latest coalescing technology to enhance compressor performance.



Filtration Unlimited, Inc.
CD Heavy Duty air cleaners
Industry standard metal body air cleaners offer highly efficient pre-cleaning, one and two stage filtration and a variety of configurations. Many of these filters are in stock and available for immediate delivery along with all the accessories needed to make a complete air intake system.



Filtration Unlimited, Inc.

Breathers and smoke eliminators

A variety of accessories to ventilate crankcases and gear boxes while preventing harmful contamination from entering these critical systems. Choose from different sizes and media which allow you to select the right accessory for your needs.