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Dynamic Air 1012457 Filter Cartridge

OEM Original Polycell 120 Contact us now

Filterite Nexis NXT50-10u Filter Element

Filterite Nexis NXT50-10u, 10 micron filter cartridge Contact us now

Filtersoft F2009AU Filter

Equals Parker-Balston P/N CI-200-35-000.  Equals Headline P/N 51-230-CC. Contact us now

KH39MZ600 Lithium Bromide Filter (618-5-1N)

KH39MZ600 Filter.  Our Part# 618-5-1N Lithium Bromide Filter. 6/Case. Contact us now

Koch 20" x 20" x 6", Multi-HEPA Filter K120206-SBW

Multi-HEPA Filter 19.75 W x 19.75 L x 5.75 D" (nominal 20x20x6") with gasket on the downstream side, Eff. 99.97% DOP. Constructed of particle board sides, Alum. Separators and ultrafine glass fiber paper media.

12 available.

Priced below cost. Contact us now

Pall HAC6265FUP8H Filter Element

PALL MDS4463G4313 Filter Housing

PALL / ASTEPO 316 Stainless Steel Filter Housing, 10 bars at 140 degrees C. Contact us now

Parker T8R20V Filter Element

Industrial Grade Polypropylene String Wound Cartridge 20" Long, 100 micron, with a tinned steel core. Contact us now

PLH718-1/2FPB Filter Element

PTI P83-100-JF-B Filter Element

PTI Technologies P83-100-JF-B Filter Element.  23-micron, Glas-Tech Media, 100 gpm, used in F7G & F8G Filter Assemblies. Contact us now