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Air Filtration

Air Filters (HVAC)

  • HEPA Filters
  • Multi-Cell high efficiency, 55-95% filters
  • Multi-Sak extended surface air filters
  • Multi-Pleat pleated air filters
  • Automatic Rolls to fit most ventilator equipment
  • Disposable Fiberglass panels
  • Bulk Filter Media pads and rolls
  • Paint Booth Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • MicroSafe antimicrobial-treated filters

Compressed Air Filters

  • Desiccant Filters for water, oil and particle removal
  • Dryers and Separators
  • Particulate and coalescing air filters

Compressor After-Market Filters

  • Air Intake Filters
  • Air/Oil Separators
  • Breather Elements

Industrial Blower and Vacuum Filters

  • Intake, silencer and exhaust filters

Outside Air Intake Protection

  • Prefiltration defense that captures debris before it enters the system