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Company Profile

Filtration Unlimited has been serving the filtration needs of many industries since 1959. Our clients, large and small, find that doing business with us means finding everything under one roof. At Filtration Unlimited you'll get the convenience, expertise, and support you expect.

We stock a wide range of filter products for numerous applications including:

  • HVAC - pleated, metal, bags, HEPA and fiberglass
  • Process - chemical, food, beverage and water
  • Pneumatic - dryers, coalescing, desiccant, lubricators and regulators
  • Hydraulic and oil - elements, housings, spin-ons, and EDM
  • Remediation - cartridge housings, bag housings, cartridges and bags
  • Roll Media - filter paper for coolant, oil, and waste water
  • Replacement elements - elements for all housings, foreign and domestic
  • High purity water - RO/UF membranes and absolute rated cartridges
  • Air compressor - intake, oil and air/oil separators
  • Dust collector - replacement bags, cartridges and hardware
  • Automated systems - vacuum and gravity bed filters, magnetic separators, thermal emulsion breakers, splitters and centrifuges

You will receive more than quality process equipment from Filtration Unlimited. Our trained staff offers a unique combination of problem solving skills and resources. Our attention to detail is one more reason that companies rely upon us for all their filtration needs. We will help you reduce operating costs, improve product quality, and increase your profit margins.

We maintain a large inventory of filter elements and housings for same day shipping. For those difficult applications, Filtration Unlimited can assist you with finding or manufacturing special and custom designed filters.